About RiddhaMIS

Cloud based solutions can overcome many real time management problems faced in an organization. Cloud base solutions will deliver any information from source to destination in no-time. We can incorporate organization having various branches in any geographic location. All the software & devices installed in any branches will synchronized automatically with the cloud server instantly. This will deliver instant solution for various calculation regarding, result processing, teacher / student management, shifts, accounts etc. We have minimal rates for our service, we do not charge branch wise. We are providing high scale enterprise solutions in very low rates. As your organization expand with time to any number of staff/student, our system is capable of managing it.

The Solution

We will provide our proposed services with in the week of the SRS sign off. We will implement our system in phase wise manner. Device Installment and activation in cloud Software installation Software Training and Data migration System Customization as per your request.

Financial Benefits

No hidden cost throughout the project. Charges are included as per your number of devices. Software will overcome HR work load.

Technical Benefits

No burden in managing multiple device and device data. We serve it automatically. Secured and confidential, all your data are automatically synchronized in cloud. No burden in managing employee finger templates in multiple devices. It is as simple as you tap in your mobile. Employee can be manage with your couple of mouse click. Platform independent and support every browser in your desktop, tabs, mobile or laptops. Easy access to every device that may be in any geo-location and managed easily from system. No more manual download and uploads of the employee information (name, code, ID card, finger templates, face templates etc.) from and to device.